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Long Term Saving Tips

       Heating System
– it’s not just a furnace, it’s a heating system that starts at the furnace
     and delivers heat throughout the entire home through the duct system. Even a highly efficient
     heating system will waste energy if the duct, walls, attic, windows and doors are not air sealed
     properly. We may recommend upgrading your furnace, or switching fuel types.

      Programmable Thermostats – by installing an automatic setback thermostat you can
     save up to 10% in a year’s time on your heating and cooling expenses. This improvement
     could save a homeowner up to $180 per year.

       Attic Insulation – the most important cost benefit a homeowner can add to their home is
     additional attic insulation. Only 20% of homes built before 1980 have adequate levels of
     insulation in the attic. Most US homes should have between an R-30 and R-60 insulation.
     Installation of insulation in the attic is relatively easy and very cost effective.

       Energy Efficient Lighting – by switching your incandescent lights to CFL lights you could
      save up to $20 a year per light. The total cost savings will vary depending on usage patterns
      by the homeowner.

        Air Sealing – one of the most significant and easiest energy efficient improvements you
      can make to your home. Caulk, seal and weather strip all seams, cracks and holes which are
      located to the outside. Make sure to include the areas where plumbing, ducting, electrical
      wiring or fresh air intakes penetrate through the walls.

        Water Heating – there are four ways to save energy on your hot water tank. You can use
      less hot water, turn down the thermostat, insulate the water tank, or buy a more energy
      efficient tank.

       Appliances – when shopping for new appliances keep in mind that there are two kinds
     of price tags: the initial cost and the operating costs.


According to the Department of Energy and the EPA there
are many ways for homeowners to save on energy costs.

The key to these energy savings in your home is to take a “whole-house” approach to
your energy plan. Let Tacoma Energy help you put your Plan in place! Scheduling
is simple. Click here and let us start working with you today.

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We are proud to provide rating services to qualify new homes for the ENERGY STAR® label.


ENERGY STAR® qualified new homes are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to the minimum code

requirements. Even in states with more rigorous energy codes, the U.S. EPA ensures that ENERGY STAR® remains

the symbol for truly energy-efficient performance. These homes are good for businesses, consumers, and the environment.

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Tacoma Energy is a Proud ENERGY STAR® Partner   

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