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  45L tax credit  


     The Future of Energy Auditing begins with a clear and open mind. A mind
     willing to take a diffe
rent view of Building Science. As New Code
     requirements and knowledge of the HERS Index 
becomes main stream,
     homes are becoming "tighter" with less and less air infill 
and exfiltration.
     With a serious increase in Asthma, Allergies Dust Mites and Pollutants,
     home owners and buyers are very sensitive to air quality and a healthy
     home. Duct sealing and testing requirements are being put in place
     focusing on Clean Fresh Air, 
Indoor Air Quality and a Comfortable Home.
     Using the technological resources available to us, it is imperative, now
     more than ever that you acquire the knowledge base and certifications to
     to assure the 
Health, Safety and Well Being of the future Home Buyer and
     current Home Owner.
 Tacoma Energy has developed a module-based
     approach to Energy in order to produce the necessary demand of qualified
     RESNET Energy Auditors in this fast growing Industry.

     Training and Certifications.

     Below you will find everything you need to become an Energy Professional.

Course Instructors and Proctors

     Kelly Cararo: Accredited RESNET Trainer,
                                                RESNET QAD

     John Johnson: Accredited RESNET Trainer,
                                       Level II Thermographer,
                                       RESNET Program Manager



    RESNET HERS Rater Training with Energy Star Version 3

     This class is a 5-day (48 Hour Course Monday-Friday) of intensive training
     that will 
provide the student with the core skills required to perform energy
As the basis for conducting a thorough home energy rating,
     students will 
learn how the house acts as a system. You will learn to
     professionally and 
scientifically evaluate any home’s energy performance
     and offer 
recommendations for improvements. You will learn how to utilize
diagnostic equipment and updated software to aid you in the
     energy analysis. 
You will also learn the latest energy finance and incentive
     programs that can 
help you expand your business.

     An understanding of how the house works as a system
     Principles of heat, air, and moisture transfer
     How to use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment
           (including Blower Door and Duct Blaster)
     How to produce a home energy analysis using REMrate 
            (REM/Rate software)
     How to certify an ENERGY STAR home under Version 3 guidelines

     The exam is based on the following categorys:

  •      Building Science/Heat Transfer (12%)
  •      Building Diagnostics (10%)
  •      Air Distribution Leakage (8%)
  •      Calculating Gross and Net Areas (6%)
  •      Definitions/Energy Terminology (6%)
  •      Energy Units (6%)
  •      Health & Safety Concerns (6%)
  •      Envelope Leakage (6%
  •      Determining Envelope Insulation (4%
  •      Determining Equipment Efficiencies (4%)
  •      Potential Comfort Problems (2%)
  •      Household Appliances (2%)
  •      Measuring Building Dimensions (2%)
  •      Understanding Building Drawings (2%)
  •      Completing Scaled Sketches (2%)
  •      Ethics and Disclosure (2%)
  •      Understanding Real Estate Financing (2%)
  •      ID & Document Features of the Rated Home (2%)
  •      Specifications (2%)
  •      Quality Assurance (2%)
  •      Cooling and Heating Design Tradeoffs (2%)
  •      Reference Home as Defined (2%)
  •      Projected and Confirmed Ratings (1%)
  •      Determining Window and Door Efficiency (1%)
  •      Building and Durability Issues (1%)
  •      Energy Code Compliance (1%)
  •      Program Qualifications (1%)
  •      Determining Building Orientation (1%)
  •      HERS Score Computation (1%)
  •      Major U.S. Climate Zones (1%)

         All course material is supplied online. The online exam will be administered
         on the last day of class. Upon succesful compleation of the Rater Exam and
         3 probationary ratings you will recieve your HERS Rater and Energy Star
         Version 3 designation.

         Course Cost: $2650.00
         (Full payment due prior to course and course material access)

      Items required for Class:
      Laptop Computer (Windows based)
      Windows XP, Vista or windows 7 
      Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher ONLY
      Wireless capability 
Hand held calculator with square root button/function
      Pen and/or pencil to take notes, etc


       RESNET HERS Field Inspector
    RESNET HERS Rater 
     RESNET Green Rater

RESNET Training and Certification Class

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Energy Star Version 3

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We are proud to provide rating services to qualify new homes for the ENERGY STAR® label.


ENERGY STAR® qualified new homes are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to the minimum code

requirements. Even in states with more rigorous energy codes, the U.S. EPA ensures that ENERGY STAR® remains

the symbol for truly energy-efficient performance. These homes are good for businesses, consumers, and the environment.

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